FALL 2021-2022



(Sections 1 & 2)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ä°lkay KALAY 

Office: N-B15    E-mail:

(Sections 3 & 4)

Assist. Prof. Dr. Şeniz KUŞHAN AKIN 

Materials Science and Engineering, N-B17,


Course Schedule

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Course Description

The course is designed to cover the following subjects: classification of materials, atomic structure, periodic table, molecular structure, bonding in solid materials, structure of crystalline solids, mechanical properties of the materials, phase diagrams, thermal processing of metal alloys, corrosion, properties and introduction to ceramics, glasses and composites.

Course Objective
The aims of the course is to give fundamental knowledge about type of materials, their usage, properties and characteristics, which are important in engineering design. It is also aimed to give a theoretical background about the analysis of behavior of engineering materials by emphasizing important relationships between internal structure and properties. It attempts to present ways of modifying and control the material microstructures and especially mechanical properties (toughness, strength, fatigue and creep resistance) by suitable heat treatment operation.
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Reference Books
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